This show is dedicated to Bob Frisbey and his loving wife Laurie. Bob was diagnosed a little over 9 months ago with Mucinous Adenocarcinoma a rare, fast growing, and terminal cancer. Bob and Laurie’s journey with this cancer has been an uphill battle, and they have constantly been fighting for any quality moments they can have together and with their family. Bob and Laurie have a LOVE that is found in storybooks and fairytales, and the pain that this situation has brought to their family is unbearable at times. Bob is one of the largest reasons of why we have God’s Messengers, and has been one of our number one supporters since the moment I had the vision to start this company. I want to show Bob and Laurie, how much they mean to myself and this dance family. Please join us for this unique and inspirational show dedicated to Bob and Laurie for the love they give one and other, their family, and our precious Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving Anniversary

10 years ago today my life was changed forever, and I could not be more thankful for this amazing man that GOD literally planted on my doorstep. Our journey has been one for the books, but Rex has been my ROCK through it all. We have witnessed the best miracles and suffered the biggest heartaches but we have done it together.

His patience has been beyond what any normal human being has, and he has supported me in everything I do. Not only has he supported me, but he has helped me and been right there with me. I love this man with every fiber of my soul, and I am grateful to call him mine.


  1. The amazing father you are, and the eternal connection you have with our child!
  2. The love you have for the Gospel!
  3. The geek behind your sexy face!
  4. The way you love me!
  5. The love you have for sports!
  6. The natural athlete you are!
  7. The love you have for our families!
  8. The patience you extend!
  9. The work ethic you have!
  10. The flexibility you have in trying new things!

I love you to the moon and back! Love your BABE!

Thankful for that Brown Chair

img_9067It has been a long time since I have been able to make time to share my two cents on life. Our journey has been sucked up into a whirl wind of chaos, and it has been hard to focus and write. Here is to hopes that I can find the courage to share our love and journey with Bobert and Laurie as their magical love endures their heartbroken situation.

In a world recently turned upside down, I find myself counting every tender mercy that is brought to my attention. Today that tender mercy and sacred blessing is this brown chair!! I was NOT super excited when this chair replaced the family sectional, but as soon as Grandma and Grandpa took to the chair it came to life.

This brown chair has held more love than just your average chair, and has been a place for Bob to rest as he endures his battle with cancer. It has held every member of the Frisbey clan and every loving visitor. This chair has been cried on, laughed on, snuggled on, sat on, twirled around, and ran around. We have always been able to count on this brown chair to be there to catch our fall, or hold our loved ones.

This chair has been a lucky chair to live in such a loving home, and to be part of so many memories. It has watched many of Grandma Laurie’s movies, holiday decorating, Grandkids dancing, and Grandkids playing.

It has been a place for the pregnant women to put their feet up, and a place to hold the new babies. You never know when life will change, and you will be faced with difficult challenges. So be grateful for the tender mercies that just might be under your bum!

We love the Frisbey home and the memories we have been able to create with such loving Grandparents.

Heart shape red tree in meadow over blue sky


A Bobert Defined: To be a Bobert is to be the most selfless Christlike person on Earth, and to stay young at heart. To devote your whole heart to the person you love, to cherish them, and to take care of them. To be a Bobert is to be forgiving of all things, and to love everyone unconditionally. A Bobert is the most loving father and Grandfather, he lives his life with no regrets and takes every opportunity he can to help. #BeABobert


Our energetic Element dancer, Rylee, is our Student of the Week!

This little ball of sass and energy is our new Student of the Week! Congrats Gabby!!

Kennedy is a hard worker! We are happy to say she is our Student of the Week!

Our little Showmanship dancer, Jazlyn, is our Student of the Week! We love this cute girl!

How could I go about getting these 3 laws passed?

#1 Love thy neighbor as thyself.

#2 Treat others as you would like to be treated.

#3 If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to prove someone else to be wrong or evil, that we do exactly to them what we claim is being done to us.

The laws in place are not what make me feel equal or unequal to people around me, the way they treat me is. “Treat others as you would like to be treated!” If you feel so passionately about something then please know and understand, that someone else will feel so passionately about the opposite of what you feel. What makes us unequal is not what we feel passionately about, but how we treat each other and how judge each other is.

Our equality is not measured by our laws, gender, race, education or beliefs. Our equality comes from the way we treat each other. If we loved each other as we love ourself then we would not feel so many differences, or feel the need to constantly point out those differences.

Maybe instead of focusing on who people are or who they are not, we should focus on who we are, how we treat others or how we can help others! Who you are inside and how you treat others, shows me the type of person you are. I honestly could care less what gender you are or are not, who you want to love or don’t, but I do care about the way you treat others so let’s be kind to each other and keep the meanness to ourselves.

Everyone needs to feel safe, secure and loved! Making others feel this comfort is driven by the treatment they witness or receive, not the things they chose to be. Let’s spend our time working to make this a better world by helping others in need, and loving others who are not.

No one will ever feel safe, secure, or loved if we continue to attack each other for standing up for our desires or beliefs! There is a safe way to disagree, and that is by sharing your love not your hate, we can agree to disagree and go on loving each other because we are all the same, humans with beating hearts and pounding heads.

Here is an idea lets use the time that we spend bashing, disagreeing and hating, and turn it into complimenting, serving and loving!

Who we are is what makes a diverse world, how we treat each other in everyday speech and actions are what create a since of inequality.

There is real evil lurking out there, like the perpetrators that are selling 2 million children to sex slavery, or the perpetrators that are selling 8 million other children to labor slavery. INNOCENT CHILDREN don’t even have a chance to figure out their gender or worry about the bathroom to use, because they are busy being rapped and drugged over and over again.

I am sorry but my gay friends, my transgender friends, and my straight friends lets stop waisting time on feeling uncommonfortable and start fighting together to save these children, our country, and all the refugees that don’t even have a flipping bathroom to take care of their business in. We are lucky to even have a bathroom, let a lone a store to shop at.

Did you ever think we could stop fighting about the flipping bathroom and use that time and money to save these innocent children, who think no one is there for them. It’s pretty sad that they or anyone in desperate need are not our focus. Nope in this society our comfort and being accepted is the only focus, we worry about it seems.

I am sorry to tell you, but I am put in uncomfortable situations everyday and feel judged hated or unaccepted. When I come home at night I try to use my time to share my talents and efforts in helping others through this hard life. I don’t want to become a victim to my wants, so when I get a hate or discriminating message I try to think of what the other person might be going through. If we set our comfort aside and help others feel more comfortable and accepted, OUR EVIL WORLD WOULD CHANGE.

As a child I would come home and cry to my Mom about how someone treated me or made me feel less of a person, she never fed my anger or hatred towards that person. Instead she advised me that maybe they are hurting more than I could ever know, maybe they are lonely and afraid. Instead of making me hate them and feel sorry for myself, I felt sorry for them and felt empathy for them.

I saw my enemy through loving eyes and I felt for them, and they no longer became my enemy they became someone in need. Everyone is fighting a battle whether they are gay, straight, black, white, young, old, male, female, the President of the United States or the President of the pep club.

Be kind to those you see, where a smile wherever you go, and that will help others feel equal. Laws are not the only thing that create inequality, people do!

No one will care about a bathroom being labeled, if they feel loved and accepted by the people around them.

This girl, always full of energy, is our Student of the Week! Congrats Lucie!

Congratulations to our sweet Hailee for being our Student of the Week!

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