My Poem About My Betrayal

This life I've lived is jaded My heart has been grated The person I was re-created The deceit and lies are NOT faded Your darkness has kept my light shaded For your cure, I have waited Now everything you've done I hated I pleaded I begged I persuaded Now I feel deflated In the darkness,... Continue Reading →

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My Journey Shattered by Trauma

Imagine this, imagine you are walking along on your life's journey grateful for everything around you. You look forward and see your path for miles there is so much beauty, but the occasional weeds and thorns block your way. Life is a journey, and you have endured hard things, so you know that you will... Continue Reading →

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Kids are the real deal!! 🖤💙❤️🤎💜💛💚🧡🤍So i think just like so many others, these past few weeks have been so heavy on our hearts! This is just food for thought and a little bit of my two cents about what I felt when I watched this TikTok, this is my opinion and my experience from children, not meant to... Continue Reading →

I Found Help

In my betrayal, I felt alone! Moving in slow motion losing strength, confidence, and hope. Wanting connection, faith, love, and hope. I was upside down, in the air, and stretched to my limit. Someone cared, betrayal trauma is real, you can find help. I found LifeStar St. George, with Geoff Streurer and Jeff Ford. With a... Continue Reading →

Our Broken Marriage

Thank you! Wow! I cannot explain how incredibly scary, emotional, and liberating it was to share a part of my journey in betrayal trauma, PTSD and marital infidelity. The emotions were unreal as I published “My Journey Shattered by Trauma”. I had been thinking about how I could or if I would share this story... Continue Reading →

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