My 2 Cent Designs

Decorative Alphabet and Holiday Blocks - This is a set of 26 3 1/2“ x 3 1/2“ decretive alphabet blocks. One side has the complete alphabet from A-Z, and the other side has six icons and letters that help you spell out almost every holiday. The holidays that you can spell out with this one set of beautiful blocks include Merry... Continue Reading →
“Things To Do” Checklist Today, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly - I just wanted to share with you another one of my free printable items. I love organizing, and this chart has helped me to keep my hectic life a little more in order. You can click on the image above, and it will download the 4-page pdf that will help you to prioritize and organize... Continue Reading →
Free Bingo Printables Halloween Style - I am getting a little excited for the Holidays. I sat down today to finish my free printable PDF for things to do and calendars, but got looking at all the fun holiday stuff on Pinterest, and decided to make a Halloween Bingo Card. Candy corns could be the perfect marker for your game of... Continue Reading →
Great Potty Training Charts - Here are some potty charts I put together for my baby boys journey in his next significant milestone. Effortless but fun designs that fit a 1.5″ circle sticker. Click on the chart to download a free pdf.

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