Inspired by Their 2 Cents

  • Katasha Connor - It’s hard to come up with new ways to describe these beautiful women, I feel like each entry could fit every dancer on this incredible company. This wonderful woman is always trying to make things better and has such grace and beauty about her. Katasha is always wanting the dancers to have opportunities to be close in growing their relationship’s and sharing memories with each other beyond the dance floor. She is... Read More
  • Ellen Bingham - Ellen is now my next victim, she is a first year member of God’s Messengers and has brought such a loving spunk to our team. This girl is real and she is my kind of person, because she is honest and real, you know right where you stand with her. She always seems to stand tall, because she is trying to be strong for everyone around her, but in reality she deserves... Read More
  • Inspired by Kayla Medina’s 2 Cents - What? Yes I said it correctly, my next girl is Kayla Medina the newest Mom on our team. This girl is breathtaking, and the one of the most gorgeous Moms ever. I am always inspired at the love she has for others especially her Hubby and Son. She is a new Mother, but you would have no clue because she makes it look like a breeze. She is a very strong and... Read More
  • Adrienne Bangerter - Well it was a crazy week and I was gratefully stranded without internet, so I am just getting back to the cyber world. One of the things I missed most, well I was gone, was sharing with you about these beautiful women that I am blessed to have in my life. My next victim of choice is “Miss” Adrienne Bangerter. Oh how I love this girl, she is one of the most... Read More
  • Inspired by Wendi Smith’s 2 Cents - It has been a while since I have shared with you, about those who have inspired me, and that is not good for my soul. Seeing the beauty in others and how it benefits my life is something I should be sharing everyday, so here is to a better run of sharing my love for others. Due to our amazing God’s Messengers Show approaching I want to share with you, a group of... Read More
  • Inspired by Deon Briggs 2 Cents - Inspired by this Sweet and Wonderful Lady! Well we got to keep that playing field even, between my Aunts and Uncles. So my next victim is my Aunt Deon, my Dad’s sister. I wanted to share my 2 cents inspired by her, because when I was talking to my Dad the other day he told me how that often when she calls they just goo and ga over my little red head.... Read More
  • Inspired by Chan McInelly’s 2 Cents - I have chose this guy as my next inspiration. I have such a love for my family from both sides of my parents. I do have a special place in my heart for my parents and their siblings. My Aunts and Uncles have always been such examples to me, and I am grateful for all of them. I love that as I get older and I am able to get to know... Read More
  • Inspired by Tayler Duthie’s 2 Cents - Inspired by Tayler Duthie’s 2 Cents I can not tell you how much this beautiful girl, has changed our life. I thank God every night for her existence and her presence in our home. It has been an amazing experience getting to know her more an more. Her optimism blows me away and I love her cut sense of humor. She has always been my little cousin running around Escalante and our... Read More

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