Inspired by Deon Briggs 2 Cents

Inspired by this Sweet and Wonderful Lady!

Well, we got to keep that playing field even, between my Aunts and Uncles. So my next victim is my Aunt Deon, my Dad’s sister. I wanted to share my 2 cents inspired by her because when I was talking to my Dad the other day he told me that often when she calls they just goo and ga over my little redhead. Anyone who shares that obsession which gratefully it is a lot of people deserve to be on here.

This is my Aunt that is to blame for the redheads in my family, and I am so grateful for her gift!! Thanks to her beautiful genes, I have the cutest little curly red-headed guy, I know. I love that she finds joy and pride in seeing my little guy and his red hair.

Aunt Deon, you can claim his cuteness all you want, because you helped it happen.

I have been inspired by this woman since I was tiny, and have loved and cherished anytime I get to spend with her. I have absolutely loved an enjoyed her family so much, and only wish we had more memories together. I love watching her and her husband and the love they have for everyone around them, they touch so many without even knowing it. When my Aunt Deon walked into a room, it is filled with so much sunshine that your heart can’t help but overheat. Her presence is always accompanied by laughter and jokes which is my favorite type of humor.

I miss her living here in St. George so much, and the fun times we had at her house. I will always remember the love and care she put into her home, and all the little reminders she would have of her grandkids. One of those reminders was the most fantastic mural she painted in her kitchen and had each grandchild in it even her one in heaven. She holds her family so close to her heart, and I hope that I can have that same love and obsession for my guy. It kind of runs in both of our families, so I think I have a great chance.

Deon was so giving and so prepared, and from my perspective, she has never wavered from who she is. I admire her in so many ways, and I am very thankful to know that we are related.

Thank you, Deon, for being you, because that is enough for me and so many others. LOVE ME 🙂

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