My 2 Cents In Dance

  • Please Help Us Continue to Share - Ways You Can Help This Show Continue God’s Messengers Dance Company 4 ways you can help us continue to share the life our our Savior, Jesus Christ. #1 Attend our show! #2 Donate any amount of money! #3 Share our God’s Messenger’s post with your friends, maybe they could have the means to help us continue! #4 Purchase one of these Etsy items or custom order one. All proceeds go to God’s... Read More
  • You guys… This was amazing!! - Our beautiful dancers got perform at the Harlem Globetrotter’s game as their half time entertainment! You could tell the crowd loved it! Not to brag.. (okay totally to brag) a manager of the Globetrotter’s mentioned to us how he has seen tons of half time shows and ours was by far one of his favorites 🙂 Way to go girls!
  • Student Of The Week: Maggie Broadhead! - Little miss adorable is our Student of the Week! Congratulations Maggie!!
  • Student Of The Week: Ashlynn Burnett - This cute little dancer is our Student of the Week! Congratulations Ashlynn!
  • Dixie’s Got Talent Never Disappoints - I want to tell you how spectacular our experience has been with Dixie’s Got Talent! I am beyond grateful for all of the people in our community that use their time, efforts, and talents to provide service to others. We have absolutely loved the joy and growth this show brings us, and are grateful for all of the amazing talent that hits the stage. Thank you Del Beatty for your amazing example... Read More
  • We are in the final Round of DGT! - Come watch these sweet dancers do what they do best at the last round of DIXIE’S GOT TALENT!!! The show is Thursday, January 21st at 7:30! To get tickets, call 435-652-7800 or get them online at Tickets are going fast so get yours ASAP!
  • Student Of The Week: Olivia Kerr! - Miss attitude (I mean Livy 🙂 ) is our next Student of the Week! We love this girl and all her crazy energy!
  • Student Of The Week: Alexa Parkin - This hard working girl, Alexa is our new Student of the Week! She is awesome and we are so proud of her!
  • Student Of The Week: Kyla Haws - We are so happy that Kyla Haws is our Student of the Week! She is a good little dancer, we are so proud of you Kyla!
  • Student Of The Week: Kendyl Blake - Oh man, our Cute Kendyl Blake made our Student of the Week! We love this girl so much!  
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