I want to tell you how spectacular our experience has been with Dixie’s Got Talent! I am beyond grateful for all of the people in our community that uses their time, efforts, and talents to provide service to others. We have absolutely loved the joy and growth this show brings us, and are grateful for all of the amazing talents that hit the stage.

Thank you, Del Beatty, for your fantastic example you are to our community and the help that you and your excellent staff share here. Thank you to Dixie State University for this event, and the wonderful Alumni members that helped it happen. Thank you, Miss Utah, for being “Beautiful” and a wonderful example to these young girls.

These dancers have so much heart and soul, and they showed that Thursday evening. This show was once again unbelievable, and we love being a part of it. The journey of this dance has brought several challenges to my entire studio and their families, and not one person gave up. 36 dancers hit that stage, and they did exactly what they worked so hard to do.

I can never explain in words how much these dancers mean to me!! I am so grateful for the amazing young women they are, and the wonderful parents that raise them. I have had the best dance family this year, and I can honestly say that they are some of the most special spirits I know. Thank you for your love support and standards!! Super Steppers Premier Dance Center

I cannot believe the knowledge and work that these dancers gave, to help share awareness of ABUSE!




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