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Hi, my name is Misty, and I am just like you, trying to enjoy and survive this turbulent life to the best of my ability. I am a single mother of 2 beautiful children, RJ(7) and Twila Mae(2); as a new single momma, I am just trying my best to figure things out. I am currently recovering from 4 years of discovering my ex-husband’s affairs and addictions and navigating through a deep betrayal trauma. I am trying to finding my self-worth and purpose again in this life.

I work full time as a middle school teachers to help maintain the best life I can for my little humans. I am a dance educator and choreographer, and the founder and owner of a professional dance company called “God’s Messengers.” The most important role I play and ever will play is being a mother to two rainbow babies.

I started this blog over five years ago to share my two cents in hopes of helping others with life’s nonsense. However, my life became an active volcano that erupted shortly after starting my blog, and the lava is still burning deep, but I am surviving and finding new hope every day. As I go through immense amounts of therapy, writing, and dancing, I have felt the need to write again and share with others to educate about my life’s nonsense.

I want to share the journey of how I got where I am and what happened to help others either know how to handle their challenging situations or prevent them from having them.

I have played several roles in my life’s journey and have been able to learn from each road I have traveled. I do not always know right away, but sometimes through humility, I am open and willing to learn. I have been a victim, culprit, pessimist, optimist, rescuer, counselor, counseled, referee, offense, defense, and mediator. I have stood tall, slumped low, and everything in between, but “Who hasn’t?.” We are all fighting a fierce battle here on earth.

Even when the going gets tough, I try to find love in all my situations, even those that enter me into the deepest darkest places. I say try because I don’t always succeed; those dark places make me very aware and grateful for the light places I have been and want to stay. I will share many of these situations with you throughout this blog.

I do believe with all my heart in what I believe to be a true gospel. I have faith in what it is and what it stands for, and I have had my very own personal conversion to this gospel. I hope to often write about the teachings and discoveries I have found through my conversion to this gospel. It was through my sins, trials, and mistakes that I fell away from my gospel, and then it was through a much larger scale of sins, tests, and errors that I found my way back to my gospel.

I am more insecure, scared, and anxious than ever before in my life, but I am always trying to battle those habits of Satan with love and perseverance from God. Do I fail? Yes, every day, but even through the most challenging times, I try to hold on to any hope I can find.

Love is a powerful tool and one that has helped me conquer a lot of life’s nonsense.


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