About Misty Frisbey

Hi my name is Misty, and I am just like you trying to enjoy and survive life to the best that I am capable of. I am the mother of 2 beautiful kids and a wife in a marriage trying to heal. I work as the Marketing and Communication Coordinator at Dixie State University, I am a dance educator and choreographer, but most importantly I’m a Mom. I am the founder and owner of a professional dance company “God’s Messengers”, and run a design called Frisbey Designs.

The success I have achieved in life is not accompanied by financial stability or security. The success comes from the people I am privileged to learn and grow from, the knowledge I constantly gain, the lives I am able to touch, but most importantly the lives that touch me.

I have been able to share my life struggles and achievements with many people, and some have shared back to me, that my two cents has helped them in certain situation in their life. I find the most joy in helping others with life’s nonsense and I love to write. Someday when I have time I would like to write a book, but for now I have been inspired to write this blog. I am not a grammar guru at all, so I apologize for bad grammar, but I write from my heart not from my head.

Even when the going gets tough I try to find love in all my situations even the ones that entered me into the deepest and darkest places in my life. I say try, because I don’t always succeed. Those dark places make me very aware and grateful for the light places in my life and remind me of somewhere I never want to be again. I will discuss many of these situations on my blog, and how they have helped me or could help others.

I have played several roles in my life’s journey and have been able to learn from each one. I did not always learn right away but through great humility I was open and willing to learn.  I have been the victim, the culprit, a pessimist, a optimist, the counselor, the counseled, a referee, on the offense, on the defense and a mediator. I just like the rest of the world have been through a lot to get where I am and have learned several things through my own mistakes and watching others. These things I have learned have helped me to achieve an imperfect happiness, but happiness non the less.

I do believe with all my heart in what I know to be the true gospel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe it because I have faith in what it is and what it stands for, and I have had my own personal conversion to this gospel, with no influences other than myself and my Heavenly Father. I will often write about the teachings and discoveries I have found through my conversion to this gospel.

It was through my sins, trials, and mistakes I have given into that I fell away from my gospel, and then it was through even larger sins, trials, and mistakes that I found myself, and what the gospel means to me. Yes I am in very need of my gospel, because it helps me want to be a better person and it gives me the ability to repent for the sins that I constantly commit. By nature I don’t always feel like that good person that my gospel encourages me to be.

Like I mentioned at first I am just a girl trying to survive this turbulent world by finding love for all my situations, even the ones that hurt the most. I am often accused of living the perfect life, and some have found anger towards what they consider as my confidence and success. The only thing that makes my life appear to be perfect is because I am fighting constantly for what is true to me, but remember perfection is their perception not mine.

I am more insecure, scared, and anxious than anyone knows, but I am constantly trying to battle those habits of Satan with love and perseverance from God.

Do I fail? Yes, everyday but even through the hardest times I never stop trying.

Love is a very strong tool and one that has helped me conquer a lot of life’s nonsense.

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