Inspired by Ellen Bingham 2 Cents

Ellen is now my next victim, she is a first-year member of God’s Messengers and has brought such a loving spunk to our team. This girl is real and she is my kind of person because she is honest and real, you know right where you stand with her. She always seems to stand tall, because she is trying to be strong for everyone around her, but in reality, she deserves a deeper love and understanding from everyone.

Acting strong does not mean you are free of the heartache and pain that faces you. The strength that she shows is not because she is being fake or trying to avoid it, but because she is selfless and does not want those around her to be conflicted by it. She is purely selfless and extremely open to everyone.

This beautiful Woman has been through a lot this year, and she has been pushed to her limits and rose above. I am so impressed with her commitment, dedications and follow through. She helps us out more than she will ever know. She is beautiful inside and out!


Remember who you are, keep loving the way you do, and be proud of what God has helped you become. You are a beautiful Mother and also loved by so many. Let your pain and sorrow out to those you know love you because they can help you and will help you with no bitterness or judgment.

Don’t worry about what others think, because they don’t know you like God knows you, and he knows your selfless desires and your HUGE heart. You are one of his strongest spirits here on earth, and he will continue to bless you. Thank you for being such an important part of our Company! Love, Misty

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