Inspired by Kayla Medina’s 2 Cents

What? Yes I said it correctly, my next girl is Kayla Medina the newest Mom on our team. This girl is breathtaking, and the one of the most gorgeous Moms ever. I am always inspired at the love she has for others especially her Hubby and Son. She is a new Mother, but you would have no clue because she makes it look like a breeze. She is a very strong and positive person, and one we are super lucky to have.

Kayla stands tall and strong, and is secure with who she is and what she wants. I love and respect that she knows who she is and she loves herself a quality we all need! She is not afraid to say what is on her mind, but does it in a very loving way.

I love being able to have her and her sister on GM, and watch them as they watch each other. They come from a very loving and connected family, and I feel incredibly blessed to know them. I love to watch Kayla as she shares her talent and testimony.

Kayla you are a wonderful and incredible person, a very choice and beautiful spirit. Always remember who you are, and never let anyone change that for you. Keep the love and compassion you have for your boys and never be afraid to show it. If more people opened their heart and soul up to their loved ones like you, the world would be a much better place.

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