Inspired by Tayler Duthie’s 2 Cents


Inspired by Tayler Duthie’s 2 Cents

I can not tell you how much this beautiful girl, has changed our lives. I thank God every night for her existence and her presence in our home. It has been a fantastic experience getting to know her more an more. Her optimism blows me away, and I love her cutting sense of humor. She has always been my little cousin running around Escalante and our family reunions with my nieces and nephews, getting into mischief and what not.

I am astonished by the strong woman she is aspiring to become, and her commitment to service. She has a pure heart with the most impressive knack with children. I love watching her with kids and the light in her eyes when she sees them laugh or smile. My little guy just loves her so much, and that makes being a working mom much more manageable. She is an excellent listener and very caring. She will never know how big of a blessing she is to my family and me, I just wish I could freeze time and keep her forever.

I thank you, girl, for everything you are, everything you aspire to be, and everything you will become. Never doubt who you are.

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