My Poem About My Betrayal

This life I’ve lived is jaded

My heart has been grated

The person I was re-created

The deceit and lies are NOT faded

Your darkness has kept my light shaded

For your cure, I have waited

Now everything you’ve done I hated

I pleaded I begged I persuaded

Now I feel deflated

In the darkness, you created

I wish it could all be rotated

My soul is so frustrated

Because the life we had you traded


By Misty Frisbey

At the moment when everything was being exposed, I wrote this out of pure frustration. At the time I was leaving Rex and was trying to find him help so that he would have somewhere to go. Through his addiction, he had isolated himself so much that the only friend he had, was the very person that helped his addiction harness him. I was so afraid that if he had nowhere to go he would fall deeper, and I could not have my children watch that happen.

This addiction robbed us of our marriage our connection and our love.

One thought on “My Poem About My Betrayal

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  1. So many of us have experienced betrayal. We have handled it in various ways. No one way is right for everyone. What I’m saying is that I understand how you feel and that the important thing is that you are surviving and growing and protecting your children. May love and joy follow you throughout your life. I admire you!


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