Cleanse You Dance Project

Due by Sunday!! April 26th!

I think during this time we all feel a little upside down and twisted around, but let’s make the best of it.

Most of you know dance is what has pulled me through most of my life challenges, and so with it being a challenging time for all of us, I want to invite all dancers that feel the strength in dance and understand that it can help us through these times. I am calling all dancers no age limit or ability limit to join with me and my inspirational dance company in this project! Share away!

Let’s use our love for dance and spread more love in these uncertain times!

A little more about the project ❤️😇

What you need: Yourself and a phone!

Step 1: Learn the choreography for this project. Learn as much or as little as you want either way you’ll become a part of the project! In this post, you will find a few different videos of the choreography.

Step 2: Find a place special to you and while you practice good social distancing, film yourself doing any or all part of the choreography.

Sample Video

Step 3: Upload your video here

Then we will compile these projects into one and we will share your beauty. I can’t wait!



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