Pandemic Survival – Tip #1: STOP JUDGING


Tip #1: STOP JUDGING 🤨🙅‍♀️ 🙅‍♂️

We need to STOP judging others (myself included🙋‍♀️) whether you are the person who ran to the store to get TP🧻 or the person who is delivering your stock to others that is ok you are doing what you think is best to survive. 👭👬We are in this together, and as the situation intensifies, I am confident that those that can offer their help will. Those that can’t provide the support, it is ok, do what you need to, to survive. You are both doing the right thing. ❤️Don’t give away your lifeline to save another but secure yours and then share. Just like on the spiraling airplane, put your mask on first, then your children, or in this case, your neighbors or friends.

Be humble and kind.🛬💛

Not judging is a big step for me in my recovery👍😘. I had to stop looking at others and judging them, thinking their situation was better than mine or that they had no idea what this heartache and trauma felt like inside. When we are scared and frightened, it is easy to project our shortcomings or insecurities on others, but I finally started to accept that we are all just surviving. All of us have different ways of coping and handling the same situation. It does not make either of us right, because honestly, we don’t know each other’s exact position.😁

We don’t know if the lady or fellow buying 24 bags of toilet paper at Costco was not buying it for an entire care facility of 80 elderly residents.👨‍🦳 👩‍🦳 Yet we are so quick to nark on them and point fingers; I am sure if it was hoarding that they will understand and share. Most people are GOOD! We don’t know what each other’s situation is, so we need to prepare the best we can and leave the rest for others. 🥰❤️

Story that started these tips: Pandemic? WE GOT THIS!!

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