Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.47.58 AMHere is another beautiful member of our God’s Messengers Dance Company. This is Brittany and she is as kind as they come. I have had the privilege to be raised a few doors down from her and she has always had such a special glow with her. She carries Christ’s light close to her heart, and it radiates for miles around her.

She is so kind to everyone that she sees, she wears a smile wherever she goes, and she is an inspirational Mother. Her stage presence is breath taking, and mesmerizing.

Brittany Thank You for being so kind and so beautiful. You carry a great humility and excitement that attracts people to you. You are always thinking of others, and helping wherever you can.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.48.20 AM

Yes, I am going to keep sharing these wonderful women with you, these women put forth a great amount of sacrifice to share our Savior’s love and life. It would be to your benefit to attend our show, and see their beauty live.

This beautiful Woman is a newer member of our company, but I feel she has been with us forever. Her compassion comes straight from Heaven, she is the most pleasant person I have ever been around.

Katrina’s smile is that smile that just warms your heart when you need it, she is always observing and watching others who may be in need of that smile. She is a very gracious and purposeful dancer, and carries a beautiful and radiant glow.

Thank you, Katrina. Thank you for your commitment to Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your testimony through dance, and for always showing gratitude and grace.

12671634_10153990621158993_7864241537112217413_oIt has been a while since I have shared with you, about those who have inspired me, and that is not good for my soul. Seeing the beauty in others and how it benefits my life is something I should be sharing everyday, so here is to a better run of sharing my love for others.

Due to our amazing God’s Messengers Show approaching I want to share with you, a group of amazing and beautiful young women, these women have inspired me tremendously with their 2 cents and I want to give them a small token of my appreciation. With the short time we have left before our show, I hope to share with you a bit of my love for them.

I am going to start off with this wonderful woman Wendi Smith, she is the Director of God’s Messengers and Premier Dance Center.

I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for her, and the amazing asset she has been to myself and my company. This young woman joined me shortly after I opened my doors for the studio, almost 9 years ago. She has been with me since the very first show of God’s Messengers, and was a huge part of this show falling into place.

I have never met someone so level headed, multi-talented, and beautiful inside and out as her. She has always been a rock for myself, my staff, my dancers, and my studio. She has the kindest heart, and never speaks ill of anyone. Everything she does is above and beyond what is expected, and her work ethic is exceptional. She is a wonderful Mother to two beautiful boys, and an amazing wife. Anyone who is privileged enough to call Wendi their friend, has a friend for life. She is one of the most beautiful and inspirational dancers I know, and I love her style and choreography.


Thank you for all of your help and patience through the ups and downs of our studios journey, because of you and your sacrifices the studio still stands. I am grateful for the passion and love you have for the dancers, and our vision. You have more often than not, been an answer to my prayers, and you continue to teach me as I watch you and your strength. Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You.



Our beautiful dancers got perform at the Harlem Globetrotter’s game as their half time entertainment! You could tell the crowd loved it! Not to brag.. (okay totally to brag) a manager of the Globetrotter’s mentioned to us how he has seen tons of half time shows and ours was by far one of his favorites 🙂 Way to go girls!

Little miss adorable is our Student of the Week! Congratulations Maggie!!

This cute little dancer is our Student of the Week! Congratulations Ashlynn!

I want to tell you how spectacular our experience has been with Dixie’s Got Talent! I am beyond grateful for all of the people in our community that use their time, efforts, and talents to provide service to others. We have absolutely loved the joy and growth this show brings us, and are grateful for all of the amazing talent that hits the stage.

Thank you Del Beatty for your amazing example you are to our community, and the help that you and your wonderful staff share here. Thank you to Dixie State University for this event, and the wonderful Alumni members that helped it happen. Thank you Miss Utah for being “Beautiful” and a wonderful example to these young girls.

These dancers have so much heart and soul and they showed that Thursday evening. This show was once again unbelievable, and we love being a part of it. The journey of this dance has brought several challenges to my entire studio and their families, and not one person gave up. 36 dancers hit that stage and they did exactly what they worked so hard to do.

I can never explain in words how much these dancers mean to me!! I am so grateful for the amazing young women they are, and the wonderful parents that raise them. I have had the best dance family this year, and I can honestly say that they are some of the most special spirits I know. Thank you for your love support and standards!! Super Steppers Premier Dance Center

I cannot believe the knowledge and work that these dancers gave, to help share awareness of ABUSE!




Premiere Dance Center

Come watch these sweet dancers do what they do best at the last round of DIXIE’S GOT TALENT!!! The show is Thursday, January 21st at 7:30! To get tickets, call 435-652-7800 or get them online at Tickets are going fast so get yours ASAP!

Miss attitude (I mean Livy 🙂 ) is our next Student of the Week! We love this girl and all her crazy energy!

This hard working girl, Alexa is our new Student of the Week! She is awesome and we are so proud of her!

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