Kids are the real deal!! 🖤💙❤️🤎💜💛💚🧡🤍So i think just like so many others, these past few weeks have been so heavy on our hearts! This is just food for thought and a little bit of my two cents about what I felt when I watched this TikTok, this is my opinion and my experience from children, not meant to... Continue Reading →

I Found Help

In my betrayal, I felt alone! Moving in slow motion losing strength, confidence, and hope. Wanting connection, faith, love, and hope. I was upside down, in the air, and stretched to my limit. Someone cared, betrayal trauma is real, you can find help. I found LifeStar St. George, with Geoff Streurer and Jeff Ford. With a... Continue Reading →

Our Broken Marriage

Thank you! Wow! I cannot explain how incredibly scary, emotional, and liberating it was to share a part of my journey in betrayal trauma, PTSD and marital infidelity. The emotions were unreal as I published “My Journey Shattered by Trauma”. I had been thinking about how I could or if I would share this story... Continue Reading →

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