Day #5! Celebrating Me, 11 more days until I am the big FOUR O!

I can do this; let’s go, DIXIE STATE!

Today it is about you, Dixie State; we got this. You have been good to me, and I am so grateful for my experience. This school has shaped my life, and I even met my ex-husband there.

I had both my babies working for you. I gained an immense amount of self-worth attending your campus. I faced my first life tragedy on your campus and multiple after that. I have bleed, cried, laughed, screamed, sang, danced, and been highly crazy inside your walls. I dated some creepers and some amazing men and kissed one or two in your fountain (maybe more). I have performed on all your stages and fields! I have choreographed, presented, and directed your stages. I was a part of the monumental mascot change and a member of the best marketing team in America. I have fought, prayed, laughed, collaborated, trained, learned, and much more with your staff/faculty. I have judged your talent and your events. I have walked your walks and ran your tracks. I have attended over 15,000 events on your campus. I had loved you since I moved here 35 years ago when I walked onto your campus at 5. I watched a car drive into your building with my sister. I could write five million pages on what has happened to me and for me because of YOU!

You have shaped me, your people, your community, and no matter what, you will continue to do so!

Much love to everyone passionate about standing by Dixie! Much love to everyone passionate about the change. I love you all and forever will no matter what happens.

Be Kind! This Month is about me. This is my experience with DSU! I have kept silent long enough!

We can love each other and have different opinions, support various movements, and find common ground.

If I lose you because of who I stand by, please remember I will always love you no matter what!

Check out my emotional video!

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