Day 4 of celebrating me!! I am getting a little crazy here! πŸ˜„πŸ‘Š

Day four video of me, celebrating me!

Day four of celebrating me! It is about me this Month, for me, and by me. I did not want to get controversial, but this one has been eating at me for 18 months. I have not had the strength to share because there are angry people on the internet, and today encountered my first judgment for sharing who I am and what I have become through an extensive setback in my life.

Oh, and by the way, sharing is helping me and others who suffer in silence and don’t feel they have a voice but are victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. So to be clear, this is helping me and my personal growth to talk about it. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t. Every time I share, several people reach out in appreciation for my vulnerability and voice. Sharing is building the community and support I need to take back my life.

If you have not been here from day one, this is my Birthday Month. It is about me reclaiming my ground and sharing my story, which helps me heal and others. It is not about my Ex, and although some things I share might make his family and friends feel uncomfortable about our situation, I am sorry the next forty days are not about him. It is about me.

If you feel my sharing is harsh on him or hurting him, then step away from me, unfollow me, unfriend me, and we can be chill again in forty days. I talk to him every day; I ask him, how are you doing? are you ok? I send him texts about my kids and vice versa. I give more to him than most people think I should, especially what our society says I should!

I am not doing this to hurt him; I am doing this to heal me from the pain he caused me. My healing and taking my Month back is by no means about him, and if someone wrongs you and cannot handle hearing your story and pain, that is on them.

I hope that others can heal from the pain I cause them from the hurt I have given them because I am not free of causing others pain. Whatever you need to do to heal from that is yours to create.

Once again, this is for my family and friends who support me, my Ex, and our children. If you are on my side or his side, unfriend me because I don’t need a team, and both he and I have chosen to do whatever it takes to be the best team for our children. If you need a side to pick, pick those two beautiful children that lost the stability and comfort of their former loving home!

I am not trying to create a team against my ex, my children’s loving father. If the Ex needs to take forty days this Spring when he turns forty to recover from the pain and heal for what I have done to him in reclaiming my territory, by all means, do it.

I know that the stronger the father of my children is, THE BETTER THEIR LIFE WILL BE!

Taking these forty days to share is about being the best I can be for my beautiful children. I am doing what I have to, to set my soul free to begin to sail and sore! If you can’t handle it, you know the button that will stop it!

Today is a celebration of my 4oth Birthday Month.

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