Day 3 • Celebrating Me! • Be Kind

Day 3 • Celebrating Me! • Be Kind (I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF ME BECAUSE I AM)👏🤣🙏🥳🙌

Look at these two littles three-year-old girls; I would say that is about 10 feet high! For their little bodies, they are standing on a mountain, maybe Angels Landing! 😉J/K

😟🤭My reaction was immediately telling them to get down, which instills immediate fear. That is NOT safe.
I immediately got them down because it was so unsafe.😇👏

Today I learned instead of protecting your kids and making them immediately STOP testing their abilities, try to teach them how excellent their abilities are. Point out what they are capable of and teach them the positive or negative consequences of their choices/abilities. 🙏🤞

I wish I would have started with, “Wow, girls, you climbed up there by yourself? That shows me that you are capable of doing some pretty dangerous and thrilling things. I am so proud that you have the knowledge and courage to do something scary to me. But do you know what could happen if you fell or if the ladder slipped…… I want you to understand what you are capable of, but I also want you to understand the situation you put yourself in from testing those rockstar capabilities you have. I want you to climb mountains!”🤯😇🥰 (Let’s see if I can remember this for next time)

I would have handled this situation differently had I read about this two weeks ago before these two darling girls climbing up an un-sturdy ladder to stand on a very shake shed. I need to focus on my kid’s ability to cope with hard things and capability to do hard things.🥰

I want to teach my children to cope with rejection to deal with what people do to them, and I don’t want to teach them to react immediately or fearfully to their discomfort or pain. I want to help them understand their ability to empower themselves and others, especially those who chose to be unkind to them.🤟

In celebration of me, text someone a kind message today, express your gratitude for their existence. 👊

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