I am taking back my Month, BIG 40!

August 16th!!

Well, hello guys!! It has been way too long; it has been over a year since I tried to post and failed miserably. So many times, I have been attempting to gather the emotional strength to share even just my everyday life or positive parts of my crazy journey, and a large force has been pushing against me. Timing is everything, and as I have approached my birthday month, I have felt strongly that my emotional endurance is strengthening.

So here I am, opening up and being vulnerable with you, which I have not done in a couple of years. Not only do I turn forty in August, but it also marks two years since my marriage ended. It marks three years since I started to find out about some of the most horrific marital betrayals I have ever known. This Month has killed me the last four-five years, a month that has marked so much horrendous trauma, sorrow, and pain.


I am taking my Month back. This Month will no longer represent who and what I lost. It will no longer mean that I was not the one picked, that my little bunch and I were not enough! It will once again be my Month, a celebration of my gain and not my loss. I want you to join in bringing it back and celebrating my and my little family’s survival.

Help me change this Month back to the positive Month it used to be for me—my New Year’s, my fresh start, and my fortieth birthday.

Fill out this form!

Share with me a memory and or ask me anything you want. I will do my best to answer all questions, if not publically, then privately. Please know I am a survivor of some pretty severe abuse, so even though I am stronger, I am still sensitive and very vulnerable. Be mature and appropriate, or don’t fill out the form!

You can ask me anything, and I will chose when, where and how to answer!

Full Video From My Post! Don’t judge me. I am a baby and new at this selfie video stuff.

Thank you in advance for who you are and helping me get back MY MONTH!

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