Women Empowering Women

It has been a few years since I started my blog. Life got a little out of control for me, and I am getting back up from a few blowouts. I am excited to begin sharing my two cents through dance, organizing, inspiring, and writing. I am going to start out slow relaunching my blog, and I look forward to you joining me on my journey.

Over the next few months, I am really trying to help women understand the importance of balance, honesty and empowering each other. I have experienced some tough situations with women who just don’t understand the damage they do by objectifying themselves, lying about others, slumping to a victim, and not believing their real and pure power.

I sold my studio with the intention to just be able to teach and focus on mentoring dancers, but my journey was divided for a moment until I found a new vision for myself and dance. I had kept my inspirational dance company God’s Messengers, and I am excited to be partnering with many of my inspirational dancers as we share our inspiration and journeys through dance.

Our first project was inspired by a piece I taught to Melanie last year! Melanie is one of several dancers who has left a legacy in my heart. I am grateful to be able to use her solo to share a message that was inspired by a recent heartbreak I witnessed, where a few women decided to use their power to wreck the homes of several innocent families and help destroy the trust and foundation a family needs to stay joined in fighting today’s corrupt world.

Creating a family is the most sacred and prestigious achievement one could have. Destroying a family is one of the cruelest and corrupt actions someone could do.

A family is a unit that creates safety and security for the most innocent and precious children, it does not matter the circumstances no man or woman should use the power to interrupt a family unit. Unfortunately in today’s world keeping a family unit together is destroyed by vain, pride and selfish desires.

The reason why I am committed to helping women understand their worth and empower other women is that our society has created a stigma that a woman’s worth is found in the opinion or acceptance of men. Unfortunately, I think most men have less of an ability to keep the family unit together, and so my target is to empower the women who want to create the safety and security they need to firm the foundation of their family.

This piece is about women using the magnificent power they have to better the world, our children and their future. Its purpose is to bring awareness to the world that your mark is important, and your decisions whether good or bad have consequences that affect everyone around you for eternity.

Women Empowering Women

Leave a legacy of love, charity, and hope. Be an honest and virtuous woman in everything you do! Others will love you and be drawn to you forever. We as women have great power, so how are you choosing to use it? Why in a world that is corrupt and cruel; do we not choose to be kind, empower, and help each other? You have a mark to leave, make it one that others will remember!



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