10 Things Every Girl Should Know

One of my favorite quotes is “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” -John Wooden

This advice is given to you to build your character, not your reputation! The stronger your character, the better your reputation.

I have been a dancer for 37 years, and have been so grateful to have had that therapy and passion. As a dancer, I had the honor and privilege to work with so many beautiful young women, and I am always blown away at how these dancers perceived themselves. As women, we have a lot of power and control, but more often times than not we use it in the wrong way. Try to be more kind and courteous to yourself use your ability to be great.

When I became a teacher 20 years ago, I decided to try and help dancers reach their full potential, not only in Dance but in believing in who they really are. As a teacher, I learned some simple things that could help them discover their beauty and wanted to share them with you.

Here are 10 simple things that if applied daily, will not only change your perception of who you are, but your opinion of others, and increase the quality of your character.

10 Things Every Girl Should Know

#1. Know your worth! Your worth is not measured in the eyes of others, but measured in the eyes of yourself and your Father in Heaven! Please do not let anyone define who you are, because if you let others get in the way, you will never feel the depth of your true self. Your price is great and you set it, so keep it high.

#2. Wear a smile wherever you go. You are and always will be the most beautiful you, don’t let life weigh you down and bring on that frown. Wear a smile wherever you go, and this alone will lift your spirit. The bonus is, it will help others feel your love and your light. This will draw others to you, and make them want to know more about who you are.

#3. Protect your beauty, and YES you have it! Beauty is not seen through showing your skin, but through showing your heart. Don’t let others judge you, by trying to defend who you are, when they can’t see past your outfit. I know society should not judge a book by a cover, but let’s be real, they do. Don’t give society and others a chance to pass up knowing who you really are, by sharing too much of the surface and your skin. Especially men! Make a man earn your beauty, and he will cherish it forever, but if you give it away for free, he will never stick around.

#4. Be kind This does not mean, let everyone walk all over you, and never stick up for yourself. This means to be helpful to others, no matter their treatment to you. Being kind will build you up, and it will give you power, pride, and confidence. We all need that!

#5. Be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means letting others know who you really are the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s OK not to be perfect because no one is. If they don’t love you just the way you are, they don’t know their own worth and they don’t deserve your friendship. Your secrets will only harness your darkness, and make you feel isolated and alone. Confide in a true friend, and you will be free, confident and secure. If you don’t have a true friend, find one because they are out there.

#6 Put your phone down. No relationship will ever be as fulfilling as the one in front of your physical body. Digital connections are fake and have only instant and temporary connection. Your phone is not necessary to survive, but real relationships are. Any chance you can disconnect from that false reality and connect to who and what really matters, do.

#7 Always find time to serve. Not for them but for you. Don’t serve with the expectation that you’ll get attention or service returned. Serve with the hope to soften your heart and make it bigger, every time you help another it strengthens Your soul. Even if it’s as simple as opening the door for someone, helping a mom in the store with a young child misbehaving, or even acknowledging something awkward with a sweet expression or comment. People need you!

#8 Stay Humble. Just do it!

#9 Be a Victor NOT a Victim! Let’s be real everyone has a heavy load to bear in their own way, but we don’t want to let it consume us. If we become a victim to any situation we lose the opportunity to grow from it, and lose our connection with reality. There is a difference in becoming a victim, and having a healthy amount of sorrow for our situation. You don’t need to be strong and take it like a champ, but don’t let it suck you in. You are more critical than that.

#10 Be You! Don’t compare yourself to others, because you are enough! You have your own gifts and talents, instead of wishing you were someone else share who you are.

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