This show is dedicated to Bob Frisbey an

screen shot 2017-08-07 at 12.24.00 pmThis show is dedicated to Bob Frisbey and his loving wife Laurie. Bob was diagnosed a little over 9 months ago with Mucinous Adenocarcinoma a rare, fast growing, and terminal cancer. Bob and Laurie’s journey with this cancer has been an uphill battle, and they have constantly been fighting for any quality moments they can have together and with their family. Bob and Laurie have a LOVE that is found in storybooks and fairytales, and the pain that this situation has brought to their family is unbearable at times. Bob is one of the largest reasons why we have God’s Messengers and has been one of our number one supporters since the moment I had the vision to start this company. I want to show Bob and Laurie, how much they mean to myself and this dance family. Please join us for this unique and inspirational show dedicated to Bob and Laurie for the love they give one and other, their family, and our precious Savior Jesus Christ.

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