Thankful for that Brown Chair

img_9067It has been a long time since I have been able to make time to share my two cents on life. Our journey has been sucked up into a whirlwind of chaos, and it has been hard to focus and write. Here is to hopes that I can find the courage to share our love and journey with Bobert and Laurie as their magical love endures their sad situation.

In a world recently turned upside down, I find myself counting every tender mercy that is brought to my attention. Today that tender mercy and divine blessing is this brown chair!! I was NOT super excited when this chair replaced the family sectional, but as soon as Grandma and Grandpa took to the chair, it came to life.

This brown chair has held more love than just your average chair and has been a place for Bob to rest as he endures his battle with cancer. It has held every member of the Frisbey clan and every loving visitor. This chair has been cried on, laughed on, snuggled on, sat on, twirled around, and ran around. We have always been able to count on this brown chair to be there to catch our fall or hold our loved ones.

This chair has been a lucky chair to live in such a loving home and to be part of so many memories. It has watched many of Grandma Laurie’s movies, holiday decorating, Grandkids dancing, and Grandkids playing.

It has been a place for the pregnant women to put their feet up, and a place to hold the new babies. You never know when life will change, and you will be faced with difficult challenges. So be grateful for the tender mercies that just might be under your bum!

We love the Frisbey home and the memories we have been able to create with such loving Grandparents.

Heart shape red tree in meadow over blue sky

A Bobert Defined: To be a Bobert is to be the most selfless Christlike person on Earth, and to stay young at heart. To devote your whole heart to the person you love, to cherish them, and to take care of them. To be a Bobert is to be forgiving of all things, and to love everyone unconditionally. A Bobert is the most loving father and Grandfather, he lives his life with no regrets and takes every opportunity he can to help. #BeABobert


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