Inspired by Katrina’s 2 Cents

Yes, I am going to keep sharing these wonderful women with you, these women put forth a great amount of sacrifice to share our Savior’s love and life. It would be to your benefit to attend our show, and see their beauty live.

This beautiful Woman is a newer member of our company, but I feel she has been with us forever. Her compassion comes straight from Heaven, she is the most pleasant person I have ever been around.

Katrina’s smile is that smile that just warms your heart when you need it, she is always observing and watching others who may be in need of that smile. She is a very gracious and purposeful dancer, and carries a beautiful and radiant glow.

Thank you, Katrina. Thank you for your commitment to Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your testimony through dance, and for always showing gratitude and grace.

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