Life’s Stormy Clouds

Road in field and stormy clouds
Fight Life’s Stormy Clouds

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was very little, and although I have never been great at it, I have often found that it has helped me and others around me through life. Writing has often helped me to express my thoughts or feelings better than when I cannot speak clearly. This is one of my outs and makes me feel better through hard times and grateful for good times. I love going back through my writing journals and finding things that I wrote years ago. I remember the life I have been blessed to live and the things that were once my hardest trials are what have helped me to grow, share, and help others.

“Life’s Stormy Clouds” was something I wrote 10 years ago when I was watching a great friend become weak as they went through a struggle that I myself became too weak to help with. I remember praying and hoping that someone with more strength than me could see my best friends storm and the dark clouds that were haunting them. I prayed that God could give them someone in their life that would love them as I do and help them push their storm aside. I wanted nothing more than them to win the fight, for the light, they were wanting and needing so bad.

Life’s Stormy Clouds

During this life we go through thousands of trials and tribulations, these situations can seem like a stormy day with endless and dark stormy clouds. As we face life’s storms we make lots of mistakes and often times we learn from them, we learn so much that we know not to make them again. Some storms and mistakes are harder to stop and even though we may learn from them we make them again and again.

At times in our life’s, we are faced with dark storms that bring us to tragedy, sorrow, or pain. These times our own clouds are so thick we worry we may never see the sun again. Even when it seems impossible we keep pushing for freedom from pain, hurt, temptation and anger. During our storm, we may only see small rays here an there that give us the hope to one day be free of our storm. By keeping our faith we can see that those small rays of sunshine will continue to unite, a bright light will combine, and our clouds will be lifted.

For now, we are here striving and pushing against these dark, thick, and heavy clouds. We are pushing and striving to get through the darkness and fighting to see the light again.

Never forget and always try to remember that during the hardest times in your life when your clouds seem so dark, and your storm pounds continuously on your head, that there are others with thicker clouds and a stronger or more severe storm. When we are in the middle of our own storms it seems impossible to see another persons storm or struggle. Try to recall that even in these times those around us may not hold the strength that it takes to clear their storm.

Find that at times in your life you can find the strength to battle your own stormy clouds by helping others fight their storms away. We learn and gain wisdom in every storm we watch, have, or help with. This knowledge and wisdom give us the faith and strength to know that every storm will pass, and every light will shine.

Don’t be afraid to leave your stormy clouds to fight another person’s storm away. Sometimes seeing the depth and eye of another storm, helps to find the light quicker from yours.

Always remember I do not require any of my friends or family to have a unity in faith, but a unity in love is what will keep us close.

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