Thanks to the Perseverance of Satan Himself, I Know God Lives!

Your worth is found in God, not in the opinion of others.

My heart has never been more broken as it is today, a foundation I thought I would always have has crumbled between my feet. Thanks to the perseverance of Satan himself, he has succeeded for a brief moment to pull me down, and I have succumbed to his determined effort. I know right? How could I, Misty Frisbey, surrender to such persistence from Satan and his evil power. Oh, wait I know how because no matter what I appear to be, I am only human. I am not invincible, unbreakable, indestructible, and sometimes I am just not durable.

In fact, for the past few years, I have been extremely fragile, and I have never doubted my worth so much as I do now. I am stuck on the opinions of others and what they think of me, and sometimes with the help of Satan, it just takes the right person to shatter an already cracked soul. I have had weeks of sleepless nights over troubling actions and words that are haunting my fragile existence, and the guidance I am seeking on how I should deal or react has been slow to come and almost impossible. As I have grown, I learned not to respond when I am in a heightened emotional state, and I have been waiting for months to feel at peace. The peace I find is when my heart, spirit, and head unite for the same conclusion. Over these past few months, the pain and hurt that I have been avoiding have continued to grow and break me bit by bit; I stand today wholly shattered.

This heartbreak has brought up the emotions and memories I have not faced in years, so again I apologize for going there, but I need people to know that even the ones that you think are unbreakable, shatter to pieces with the right tools. I am not continually feeding the social media world with rays of hope, because I am healthy and invincible, but doing it to give me courage and strength because I am fragile and breakable.

I have been praying for guidance in making the hardest decision in my life, and pray for patience. Even though I do not have my answer yet, I know without a doubt that God’s plan will come with time. So I continue to ask, please give me strength and the ability to pick up the pieces and put them back together. I am persistently praying with appreciation for everything I have, but it has switched from gratitude to absolute desperation. Thank goodness I have the power to know that through my biggest struggles I have been given the ability to endure. What I have faced today is not something I ever imagined I would face in a lifetime, but the presence of evil is vivid in our world, and we need to try to overcome it. I have had very few trials that have collapsed me with such similar sorrow and despair and completely shattered myself. Hopefully, someday I will be able to write the things I learned from these moments and the light that brought me through.

The morning I received a phone call telling me that my best friend, my confidant was killed in a tragic accident was one of those moments. I was young, and we were together 24/7, so I was broken and destroyed by the life she had been robbed. She was the most honest and kind person I knew, and she was taken away just like that. Instead of facing my sadness I ran from my life for a moment and lost sight of the beautiful gospel I was raised to love. Another one was the day I had to tell the man I loved, with all my heart, that I was leaving him. Because of addiction I no longer had the strength to help him fight. After years of effort, I felt like I was giving up, but that answer had come after 8 hours on my knees in true surrender to everything I wanted and a humbled soul to accept what I needed. I asked for a slap in the face kind of answer, and that is what I got because divorce was something I committed I would never be a part of no matter what. It was through this moment that I knew I could never question if God was real, and I am grateful for that comfort. I faced shorter moments of this intense grief with every miscarriage I had. The final moment of my last surrender was the day I let myself believe, even though I knew deep in my heart as I watched a beautiful young mother give birth to an incredible child, that she wasn’t mine to keep. I left the hospital empty handed, once again fighting for his will not mine. I collapsed in the parking lot as all the emotions that I had hidden for so long came busting through my body. I sat there wholly shattered with not even the strength to get in my car.

It was these moments that after much resistance I allowed God to take control of my life, and was reminded that it is his plan, not mine. I promise it would have been easier to become a victim to the pain I felt, let my wants take over my situation, and my guilt blames others for my sorrow. It still would be easier today to take back the control, but the things I need to see and learn would not be given to me if I did not allow God to let me grow. I want to share what I believe because I have found the most profound darkest times of my life more manageable with faith.

These moments are now hindsight and the knowledge I’ll never forget. I know and understand without a doubt in my mind that they were not my will, but God’s Plan. These things have helped me become a stronger person today, and have taught me compassion for others because you never know their fragile state. These moments have made me appreciate all things that make or break my soul. I know I made it through these endless moments even when I had nothing left to give. I have endured, been blessed, and this is something I can always remember. I have survived, and I have learned, but I can’t I kick this gloomy heartbreak. If I am so sure that God exists, why am I questioning His will right now?

I am very proud of who I am and the woman I strive to be, but I have never been so hesitant to continue on the path that God has asked of me. I know right? It sounds just as crazy in my head as it does writing it out. I am questioning my faith because through my current situation it would be easier to accept my own will and desires. I fear to accept my will because it would be to easy to become a victim to my life and find blame in others for my situation. I need my faith because it reminds me that my choices affect others, and God is who helps me to chose good over evil. God, his plan, and the sacrifice of his only begotten Son are the hope I need to mend my completely shattered soul.
I have had several people close to my heart who have pushed me away because I have stood firm in my faith. I like them placed blame on my church and its members when I left, and the culture of judgmental people, that I felt attended. It is now through the strength of my faith I have hope and love for others, but most of all the power to repent for my own mistakes. The commitment to my religion does not give me the ability to believe I have reached some perfection superior to others and judged or ridicule them, but through it, I have found hope for the sinner I am, and the help and comfort I need to survive this wretched world. I know my worth is great thanks to the sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I understand and know that I am not the best mother, wife, studio director, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, employee, and friend, but God will be my judge someday, and I will face him with an open heart. Understand every day I strive to be better at the things I know need work, and I will get credit for my continued effort. I am aiming to teach my son, take care of my husband, be kind to those who love me and press on through the things that I am facing today.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and this gives me the power to stand beside you, not on top of you or below you. We are all equal!

I do not require any of my friends to have unity in faith, but I will keep you at a great distance if we cannot have unity in love.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the Perseverance of Satan Himself, I Know God Lives!

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  1. Girl……I read every bit of this blog, & I have a great respect for you and your testimony! YOU ARE YOU AND I LOVE THAT!!!
    I, too, have felt these similar feelings, in the last few months. Feelings of betrayal, inadequacy, loneliness, but I am here to tell ya……Heavenly Father allows us to see our weaknesses to become more humble & submisive to HIM. I am also convinced that the harder we try to be good & be more like Christ, the harder Satan works on us!!!!! NO DOUBT!!!! So, with that said…I know you really must be living your life right, or you would never be able to express these deepest feelings, you have done, in this blog!!!!!! Please know, that you are NOT ALONE! I absolutely love & admire you, & I know my BrinLee does too!!!! Don’t let the actions or words of others, change you into someone you’re not!!!!!! And whatever you do, NEVER STOP ASKING THE LORD FOR HELP!!!!!
    LOVE YA MISTYπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. Jenny,
      You are amazing and I am so grateful for you and your strength. Sharing this stuff not easy, but something I have been promoted to do for years and kept pushing it out of my mind. I just hope I have the strength to endure the criticism that comes with it. I love you and Brin so much and am grateful for the love and support you always give me. I know you are one of those that others assume to be in-breakable, so if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call. You and your family are strong and help so many in need. Thank you.


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