Life Can Often Feel Like A War

I have entered the world of blogging, and hope that I can help those in need by sharing my perspectives on handling the nonsense in my everyday life.

My 2 Cents 2 You

For all of you out there that are struggling, stressed, and or feel alone. I want to send you my love, hope, and prayers. I have seen too much sadness and sorrow into many eyes, and even though I don’t know your personal war, I feel for your struggle. Life can often feel like a war and more often times than not we seem to be down to our last weapon to defend our given battle. I hope that you can find an alliance to help get you through. Fighting a fight can be very exhausting, and often times it’s easier to give up, but I pray you to find love and happiness in your battle. Whatever your war is I want you to know that an alliance is always available if you share your struggle with those you love and trust in God. God is the person that is always there for me, and who I ask for help when I feel all alone. Hold on when you want to let go, and don’t fall victim to your situation, be victorious!

Through this blog, I hope to help those in need by sharing my life stories and experiences that are dear to my heart.

Happy blogging!

Photo by Hayley Bradshaw • • Photo of my beautiful son.

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